Wednesday, August 02, 2006

You Blog I Blog

Yay.Monthly test over already. This was only a 3-day monthly test. But imagine, got fed up after 3 days only. Oi, trial how like that? SPM leh? Sei lorr... lousy attention span. But... I can finally read my novel!

I understand why some bloggers say that nowadays the good bloggers are all "veterans", where are all the new blood? Heck, I get bored reading my own blog. The problem is, the teenagers here really have nothing much to blog about. School, tuition, exam, stress, tuition, exam..... and that's pretty much about it. Well, my life at least. I know, I'm like THE boring-est person you could ever meet. And I discovered two schoolmates' blogs. Honestly, zzzzzzzzzzzzz..... nothing interesting lor. But oooh.. one of them writes poems! OMFG, I was like.. what the.. she LIKES to write poems!! I didn't even know her English was not too bad for a student from my school (sarcastic meh?) Ok lar, her English was OK . Well I guess I shouldn't judge her since we don't even know each other.
(Eh, I totally digressed... -_-)

Anyway, I was shocked that some schoolmate of mine write poems! Mindfucked! Baffled! Awestruck! Yeah, I totally look down upon my own alma mater. Who writes poems anyway? I thought those artsy fartsy people? Erm, weird people? eccentric ones? Geez.. you really should not judge a book by its cover, or a blog by its template whatever. I was flabbergasted cos she looked kinda normal ma... tell me, how many normal people you know write poems??!! Err, maybe I'm over reacting a little. Calm down..

Moving on, about the second last post, I have to admit something. I was wrong about my brother. Hehe... malu nak cakap ni.. he's not actually useless lar. See, parents gone to Australia so only two of us at home for a week. At first I thought: Sei lor... all the chores also I do la? Where got time to study for test like that? These unfounded worries were just that, unfounded. To my shockness, he stepped up and did pretty much everything. From the cooking, washing dishes, hanging clothes, ironing, to the vacumning and mopping floor. Fuyor~~ really make me gua mu xiang kan.... why suddenly can be so rajin 1? Aiya, feel guilty la like that, my uniform he also iron! A little unbelievable, man. But... at least I got wash my own dishes and shoes!

Reminder: Must not assume things. I totally thought that he would let me rot by myself besides being my chauffeur. Does thinking like this make me evil?? Bad girl! Now, I may look upon him with newfound respect. Will it be shortlived? Will he continue his slobby ways after he comes back from Australia? Hmm... lets wait and see eh. Oh yeah, he left just now for the airport. Dad coming back tonight. His turn to take care of me. kekekeke... and I'm gonna make one more assumption: I'm gonna have to eat economy rice from now on. Dad would be lazy to cook. Hah, this assumption should would be correct! And... and.... it would be my turn to do all the freaking chores. Luckily, test ended liao. But I wont be mopping the floor, vacumn maybe lar, mop.. lazy ler...

The good thing about my bro taking care of me is..... home-cooked meals everyday! Oooh my bro cooks! Not a bad chef either. (Chef? Chauffeur? Like really my employee....) Feeling a bit useless leh, need to be taken care of. Because I don't know how to cook lor.

Erm.. what else leh. Everytime also like that. Churn out crap, digress until don't know where, then 'brain juices' come to abrupt halt. Blankness.

Back to the blogging topic, what do you reckon makes a good blog? For me, it's lots and lots of PRETTY photos. Leng lui photos to be spesific.. (lecherous smile) And of course, interesting content la. So that's why my blog is not good, and will never be good. Crap isi, no photos to boot. Example, kinkybluefairy's blog. Originally I went there to look at the photos, but then I started to actually read it. I'm liking it now, short and simple sentences... photos of hot guys and chicks here and there. And the partying! Envy betul! Sigh, what a life that woman has. Turning green.... Another example, jasiminne the penguin's blog. I mainly go there to see her camwhoring photos. Cos she's hot ma. But I seldom read. Too long maybe? (like mine) ANOTHER one, cheesie's blog. Also go there mainly for the pics, another hot gal. Yet hers I do read. Not too long. Quite berkualiti also her puns. Heh.

Anywayyyyyy..... I wonder how many more of my schoolmates blog? So darn curious, maybe can find out some secrets.. kekekkekeke.... *malicious grin*

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