Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Exam Day 1

Countdown: 11 more days of exam to go.

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.

So here's the thing. I'm a risk taker during essay papers. Well, actually the truth is there was one obvious choice, but I couldn't think of sufficient points, so... I chose the appalling-nobody-should-write question (or so they say). It was quite natural for me to do that, because I always choose stupid questions like these. Risk taker, you see. (yeahhh rite) Sometimes it reaps good results, sometimes it doesn't. Therein lies the risk.

Now, the nagging question of whether I went off topic. It's reaaaaally easy to do that, I think. Therein lies the stupidity of choosing that question. Therefore, I'll appear as a genius or one heck of a dumbass to the examiner's eye. Let's hope it's the former. Let's pray that the risk pays off. *cross fingers cross fingers cross fingers*

Oh dear God, if You exist, I hope that You make my examiner's mood very very very good on the day he/she marks my essay. That's all I ask for. Pleaseeeee... pretty pleaseeeee...

The thing is, it didn't seem that big a risk during examination. But in retrospect, I could have flew off topic on a freaking rocket. Sigh. Must be optimistic ehhhhhhh.... damn those people who "put my lang sui"

What happened to the I-don't-care attitude you ask, well as much as I don't wanna care I still don't wanna fail ma... the kiasu attitude still resides within me, because I'm a typical Chinese hehe. Cos if really steered off topic, then surely cannot get high marks or even worse *gasp* FAIL!

Let's pray again, that the examiner sees the genuineness of my writing, appreciates the conversational prose, is grateful for the change of topic and gives me an A+ on first impression. (macam my essay very superior liddat)

But still, I don't wanna get my hopes too high.

Oh God, help me pleaseeeee...

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