Friday, November 17, 2006

Exam Day 2 & 3

Prinsip Perakaunan was okay, I guess. If no major mistake, hopefully can get A1 lor.

I was more nervous yesterday than the day before, cos you know, I've never actually sat for an Accounts exam before. My being a Science student and all. I thought I was jittery, but heck my friends were sweating profusely, they said.

So, like that lor. Nothing much to say.

p/s: I wish I can think of more interesting titles...


Jess said...

hey!! came here from pinkpau's site. hehe...good luck for ur exams!! you're taking SPM izit? i'm taking stpm :( ;(

bullshit said...

wah first comment! ya i'm taking spm... sigh... good luck to u too! u're welcome to roam around my pathetic blog. hehe