Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pre Exam Insanity (PEI)


It's one/uno/1/yi/yat/satu day before exam!!

I'm soooooooo excited! Not. But yes, I am! Not. Actually, I'm not quite sure how I'm feeling right now.

I don't think I've done enough, I don't think I'm fully armoured for battle....

But heck, just bring it on!

After the first paper, it will wham! bam! kapow! done! Exam's over!!! Let's celebrate!

Nyahahaahaahahahaahahahahahahaaha.... or at least that's what I expect.

Let's see, hmm.. no, I'm not fully prepared for Prinsip Perakaunan or BM or Chemistry or Biology or Sejafuckingrah......

Wtf? What am I prepared for anyway?!!

Whatever la. To see if I really deserve an A1, it shouldn't be cos of last minute, midnight oil burning, eleventh hour studying right? Right? That means, I've gotta abstain from all reference books and text books during exam period to see what I'm really made of.

Nyahahahahahaahahahahahhaha... I think I'm going crazy. Completely cuckoo.

p/s: This is a stupid post. IF sometime in the future I chance upon this post, and my results turn out crappy, I'll surely be filled with regrets. Cos I'll find out that I was wasting time being loony and blogging. And I wasn't armed with any knowledge AT ALL.

But still, my oh-so-beloved-future-self, you're the most gorgeous being ever born on this Earth. Your responsibility is to save the universe from all of its ugliness and impurities. Yes, rock on, baby.

OMG I AM crazy.

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