Sunday, January 06, 2008


There's actually a lot of things in my mind right now, that I wanna blog about... which is pretty rare hor -_-. College, rock band, celebrity fascination, recent Europe tour, emotional opposites... geez. I hope I don't bore myself by the middle of the post wtf.

First things first, tomorrow, HELL starts all over again. That thing people call college. T_T. Sure as hell it sucks. Hell, this year's gonna suck so much more than last year. Sigh. And being the depressed whiny bitch that I am, I predict that there'll be bucket loads of tears too? Well, you know things sure won't start well when I'm already being so pessimistic. LOL.

MCR (God, I'm in love with their "Kill All Your Friends" right now) has sparked this desire in me to FORM MY OWN FREAKING ROCK BAND. HAHAHAHA... me? This person who doesn't even know how to play a single musical instrument? (except maybe the recorder. Eons ago.) Who has the vocal range akin that of William Hung? (ok... maybe I'm not that bad? I mean, who is??) Well, it's just a current dream la.

OMG MCR has totally inspired me to just ROCK ON bebeh!!!

I wanna play the electric guitar! And the drums! And sing! HAHAHA... basically form a one man womangirl band wtf. I'm an attention whore in disguise and just wanna hog all the attention wtf.
No lah, it's cos I just plain wanna try them! Jamming the guitar! Beating the drums! Singing my heart out! OMGGGGGGGGG

I wanna go crazy on stage and just plain rock the HELL outta people!

I wanna scream like a banshee!

I wanna head bang like there's no tomorrow!

Our band's purpose would be simple : to HAVE FUN and ROCK THE WORLD!!!!

Yeah baby! *holler*

Ooo! Ooo! I'll name the band Pessismistic Optimists or something like that. Cos no matter how bitchy we are, no matter how bleak are our hopes on the future of this world, there still lies a tiny optimist in every one of us... yeah?

Or, I could name it as simply ROCK ON BABE!. And we would be known as ROB! HAHAHA...

Or, if I'm thick-skinned enough, we would be Mum Cooks Rats.. just so we can be another MCR!!! Hahahahaha.. wtf.. and prepare ourselves for the flaming we will face wtf. We'll be called posers, wannabes, fags, losers etc etc.
HAHAHAHA wtf....

In a nutshell, all I wanna do is go completely NUTS while we're performing on stage! Go wild! Let ourselves go! Let all hell break loose yeah!

I sooooooooooo wanna dive into the crowd!

Oh ya, I'll design the costumes for the band. Nyahahaha...

OMG!!! Can you feeeel what I'm feeling right now?? This aching desire!

OMG my heart aches for this to actually come true!!! When I'm fully aware that there's 99.99% that it's not gonna materialize. :(

At the end of the day, all we wanna be, are ROCK STARS.

C'mon, admit it!
Whoa it's already 5:40am, should I continue blogging or go to sleep?
K maybe I'll just blog about one more thing.
The Europe tour.
Perhaps I'll just strip it down to the essence.
- A hell lotta Europeans smoke. To keep warm during the winter perhaps? Wtf.
- Piles of shit are everywhere. Dog shit, human shit, who knows? Why isn't it like that over here? lol
- I constantly felt like a foreigner. It's like being constantly reminded that I didn't belong there.
-It was fucking cold some days, and bearably cold some days.
-Nope, didn't see any snow. Boohoo.

That's basically it wtf. The essence... brought to you by bullshit.

Imma go to sleep now.

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