Sunday, January 20, 2008

Need I Bore You With Another Lame Title

When was my last blog post again? Oh that's right, eons ago wtf.

Well as usual there's nothing much to blog about.

-College sucks. BIG TIME.
-I'm whiny. And depressed. And depressing wtf.
-MCR kicks ass.
-Tonight, I resolved not to sleep.

And oh yeah, some people actually believed that XX went for a sex change operation? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! I CANNOT TAHAN!!!
Like, WTF???
Please la people!
Use your blain use your blain~~! She clearly blogged that out of boredom/lacking of things to blog about/whatever

Haih. Is there anymore hope left for this world. With people like this.

Q: "How many sides does a triangle have?"
A1: "Damn. Four?"
A2: "There are no sides.*quick reply* One?*tentatively wtf*"

Q: "From which state did KFC come from?""
A: "What, you mean the chicken? I dunno... I really don't know.."
Q: "OK... do you know what KFC stands for?"
A: "Kentucky Fried Chicken?"

Q: "What currency does the United Kingdom use?"
A: "*shocked*...*mutters gibberish wtf*...*hyperventilates wtf*... I.. I don't even know what the United Kingdom is! Is it the Queen Elizabeth's money? That's all I know.."

Q: "Where is the Berlin Wall?"
A: ".......................... (ponders seriously)(for God-knows-how-long) Believe me, I dunno the answer to this question but I'm thinking! ...... (continue pondering)

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Americans are NOT stupid!!! Ok perhaps I shouldn't laugh at people's ignorance cos I sure as hell ain't Miss-Know-It-All... but... but.. IT SURE AS HELL IS COMFORTING TO KNOW THAT THERE EXISTS PEOPLE WAYYY DUMBER THAN YOU ARE! WOOHOO!

It's true... I felt better after watching the video. HAHAHA.

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