Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Abruptly Ended

Seriously fucked up stressed!!!!! To ponder over the next few weeks is enough to make the most optimistic person suicidal wtf. T_T. Am scared, tensed, petrified, stressed, mentally exhausted all rolled into one.

The fact that human beings have the ability to think, contemplate and mull over stuff may be a blessing an curse at the same time. BECAUSE, after the routine, after the running around, people start sitting down and think. About what? The age old fucked up question of "WHY THE FUCK DO I EXIST???"

Hobbes had a pretty straightforward answer for Calvin. "Because you were born."

Yeah, we are here because we were born. It could be as simple as that. But humans being humans with "advanced" grey matter, they are not content with just that answer. They think that there MUST be a REASON for their existence! If not why did they evolve from primitive Neanderthals to the modern supreme beings they are today?

Thus individuals will begin to search for the cause they are living for. Like "I live to have fun!" "God created me to fuck!" "I am here because I'm hot!" and so on and so forth. On a more serious note, basically ya lah people will start to wonder why do they exist on this vast planet called Earth.

With no thesis statement and topic sentences, this post seems to lead to nowhere wtf.

So anywayyy, me being a human too, I do the same and ask why the fuck am I here. Or more specifically, currently I wonder why the fuck am I studying what I'm studying at where I'm studying.

Sigh. The End.

Lazy to continue. Shall go eat dinner now.


overdresser said...

yea man. Moral is a load of bollocks.

Smiley said...

em.. agree with u in some extent..
however, just try all ur best in your life, rather than thinking why u should exist in this world, u will find more fun by doin so..and less hatred..
stay cheer ya!! ^_^