Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just Read

I have exactly 10 minutes to finish this post! Cos I have to be punctual and go down for dinner with my friends!

Just wanted to say, even though deep in our soul there's still emptiness, experiencing stomach cramping laugh-out-loud moments still beats living like a total zombie!

That took like 3 mins wtf.

Laughter is supposedly the best medicine. One does feel better after laughing till the stomach hurts! But what to do if it's just temporary relief? I say just enjoy the moment I guess!

It doesn't solve the core issue. The problem still exists. Perhaps laughing it off is just a means of evasion. But ah, what the heck. I guess life's too short for us to be figuring out the answer to everything.


Cheng Yah said...

ya u are true..
laughing out loud but the soul is live like zombie..
i like this one..

bullshit said...

Well, not ALL my posts are pointless I guess! lol.

Felix said...

Come on!!!
Laugh like me!!!!