Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just Smile

It's been a long time since I churned out anything contemplative and introspective. Well I'm not even sure if I had posted anything like that before wtf. Probably there's nothing much to be introspective about. Or, you can put it that nothing much goes on in my mind heh.

Not exactly moody today, but not exactly all smiles either. Let's NOT get into the fucking MindlessYuckyOmfgmotherfuckinglypointlesswtfccbknnBusiness. I shall NOT bitch about it. LOL.

I find it harder and harder to find words to express what I'm thinking. Or, you can put it that nothing much goes on in my mind too wtf. I've written a post before about sustaining one's own happiness. It sorta went like if everyone could sustain their OWN happiness, not having to live for others or to satisfy other people, wouldn't that be great? Everyone would live happily ever after.

But humans being complex creatures, of course things won't be as simple as that. You think we're living in a children's book meh. Where everything is colourful and vibrant and nothing could go wrong. Or everything will turn out fine in the end. As people say, REALITY SUCKS. I guess we have to live with that.

For one humans are interdependent (wtf too much Econs isit) after all. They are social creatures. How they feel, how they think are influenced by what others feel and think too. It's difficult to be happy when people surrounding you are not. It's hard to be elated when people around you are having problems or are creating some. And when you are somehow caught in the middle of all the problems, bickering and unpleasantness, of course you'll feel down and disillusioned. There goes my theory of sustaining one's own happiness.

But can't it be as simple as that? You are responsible for your own happiness. Your own feelings. Nobody can feel on your behalf. If you wanna be happy, then just be so. Make yourself happy. To hell with other people's problems. To hell with all those conflicts. And hating someone may be harder on the hater than on the person hated. So why hate? Why trouble yourself?

It could be easier said than done. But just try anyway. Just smile, even if it's just for a sec or two.


Cheng Yah said...

is this specially for me..
smiling now......

bs said...

well... tahu tahu la.. lol