Friday, April 04, 2008

She Woke Up From a Dream

She woke up from a dream, and the day was still bright although it was night.
The dream she couldn't recall, but it didn't give her any fright.
Still dazed and groggy, she got up from bed,
and looked into the mirror to see her eyes red.
Despite that, she felt unusually fine,
like she just downed a glass of great wine.
And so she put on a sun dress and a great smile,
thinking that going out on such a day would be worthwhile.
Out on the streets everything seemed perfect,
The weather amazing and the congeniality of people was neither forced nor fake.
There was no pollution, there were no worries,
Only her thinking about making potpourris.
She tripped and she hopped,
blithely, she tripped and she hopped.
Reaching the end of the street, she stopped.
Pondering on where to go, she couldn't decide on a stop.
Even on a perfect day like this,
where nothing was amiss,
she realised... that she had nowhere to go.
Suddenly she felt empty, and cold.

She woke up from a dream,
Dazed and groggy, she wanted to scream.

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