Sunday, April 13, 2008

The One Where It Could Have Been

Being one who often dwells on what-could-have-beens, I may annoy the hell outta people. But just layan me a bit lah hehe...

What-could-have-beens, similar with what-ifs and if-onlys, would most of the time spark regret and induce a major load of sighing. And today, yours truly shall be bringing you back to what could have been if there wasn't any scholarship wtf.

One major factor that keeps me alive in that place is the great friends that I have made there. Yup I'm sincerely glad that I've had the chance to befriend these people. They make my days all the more bearable and happier. ^^ (Walao first time using this emoticon, rare occasion indeed wtf) Needless to say, I <3 THEM! LOL. So if we all didn't get JPA and became classmates we wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet? Well, not neccesarily...

For one, I know that my room mate would be studying at where I would be studying too, at let's call it RAT College wtf. And the same course too! So chances are we would have met all the same. Same goes for another guy classmate Cintan LOLOL.

Plus my "WIFE"! She'd go to RAT too but for a different course... that doesn't mean we won't have any chances of interaction though! OK, the scenario in my mind is she and MY *cough cough* will have some progress since maklumlah they'll be seeing so much of each other at college being in the same course and all hahaha... sure they'll participate actively in all sorts of events together hahaha.. including eh eh ACCOUNTING NIGHT! Perhaps that would be the time when we would meet! HAHAHA! In short the world is small and if fate allowed it we would have met anyway... hehehehe right right???

Who else! I'm guessing "SO" would enrol in RAT too! Cos her bf is there ehehehe.... And many others since RAT is goddamn freakishly popular! One, it's easy to get in lol and its fees are relatively affordable I guess.

But too bad I won't be able to know V V W W! As she would be continuing her studies at another college hahaha... I 'heart' her too!

I don't know bout the others! Why suddenly I'm overdosing on exclamation marks wtf!

HAHAHA actually this post kinda pointless also I just wanted to get it out of my system hahaha... that fate works in mysterious ways or some deep crap like that lah lol. And I won't be losing out much if I didn't get the you-know-what lah. This post started off serious but ended up like this! Cos of my "wife" lah! LOL~

Shall end this before I further butcher your mind with my mindless crap! LOL~


Ji Yan said...

lol..WTF ar! yea but what would have happen if we were in RAT college? hahaa..

bullshit said...

hahahaha! Dunno! It shall remain a mystery wtf damn lame la me!