Friday, April 04, 2008

Kickass Layout

Was kinda down but am feeling better cos I played around with layout and voila! It's freakin AWESOME!!!!

I mean just take time to appreciate the header man... it's Gee in action! Are you affected by the spirit of rock 'n' roll yet huh huh??? And the kickass guy with the guitar could be Ray, judging by his hair, or it could be Frank! Judging by his tattoos haha... OMG one just wanna abandon all responsibilities and ROCK with them woot!!!

I also adjusted the width of the body cos it was a little too narow for my liking. Made subtle changes to the font, and changed my blog title too. Now, instead of the self-indulgent and wordy (but still kickass) title, you get the one word-7 syllables title that just sums it all up. Am retaining my profile cos it still rings true.

Le sigh, take time to appreciate it... again I should have done this earlier -_-...

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