Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh my Gawddddddddddddddddddd.....

I can't believe I just spent the last half an hour? obsessing over Mariah Carey's Obsessed wtfff..

I just had this melody fucking stuck in my head and had no idea what song was that so I got obsessed trying to figure it out. I had no lyrics, no idea who's the singer, no nothing. Youtube --> Lady Gaga? Nope. Madonna wtf? Nope. Nicole Sherzinger? Noppeee. Britney Spears wtf?? Nooooo....

So I tried Googling 'top hits' wtf cos I'm pretty sure it's a current song... and when I saw Mariah Carey 'Obsessed' it fucking struck me. FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! Mariah Carey give me back my youth man!!! Damn you, 'Obsessed' chorus wtf for annoyingly getting repeated in my head!!!!


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