Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Titles are stupid and pointless

Gems from a speech Tucker Max gave at Ohio State:

"But instead of manning up and attempting to actually write a better book, I did what all envious people who abandon their dreams do when they see someone succeed where they are afraid of trying: I hated on him."

Haha, man don't we all do this? If it's not hatred then it'll be freakin' jealousy or envy...

"I had bought into the system so fully, and abandoned my passion for so long, I no longer believed in it or in myself. It just didn't seem realistic that I could do it."

This totally sounds like me and drawing T_T. Sigh.

"I had been sold a lie. Life was not about going to the right schools and getting the right jobs just so I work a job I hate in order to accumulate more crap I don't want or need. That's not how life was meant to be lived. There is another way. I can be the man I want to be, I can do the things I want to do and I can live the life I want to live...I just have to stop believing the lies I have been sold, and stop caring what all those people think who don't matter, and find the courage to go out and do it."

"The only thing stopping me...is ultimately me."

Yeah. Is there anymore to say?

"But guess what? A funny thing happens when you cast off all the bullshit everyone dumps on you, and just live for yourself and follow your dreams: What it takes to get you there shows up in the finished product. When you love what you do, it shows, and people respond."

"You think I had a map to get to where I am? I had no fucking idea--I was winging it the whole time. Shit, I had to INVENT A NEW LITERARY GENRE!! There are no directions to life; you have to figure most of it out on your own. You want to live a life you love, you can't do it in a paint by numbers style--you make it either because you want to free your soul or you don't."

Freeing my damn soul. That sounds oh-so-good...
Can I wing it too?

"You don't hear this from your parents or your teachers or your friends, because they never tell you the other option. You know why? It's because they don't know it exists. They tell you that to do what everyone one else is doing, they tell you that you have to get a safe job and be like all of them, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THEY DID."


"What's the alternative? If you don't live the life you want, what life are you living? A life you don't want."

"And if you don't want your life, why are you even getting up in the morning?"

Oh Tucker, man, I don't know. I really don't know.


On a slightly related note, I just wanna touch on a topic that has been touched to the DEATH: Stereotypes.

But nah, not the Chinese / Asian stereotypes.

I think I've said this before. About girl stereotypes. That oh, girls have to be soft-spoken, demure, fucking gentle, wear skirts all the time etc etc all that shit.

And you know what? The major group of people who fucking cling on to this stereotype would be parents.

Sigh. Why can't they just accept that not all girls are prude and freakishly girly? Girls cannot be vulgar one meh? Must be fucking si man one meh?

That day on MSN, my mum suddenly went, (not verbatim)

"Girl, dad say don't use wtf anymore"


"girl wor"


Wait, again.


The "girl wor" really made me go "......"


First of all, I don't even know where my dad saw me using 'wtf' before wtf. FB? Ah whatever. Using wtf is already like breathing for me. Even though I try not to use in the presence of my parents I guess I slipped anyway, out of habit wtf.

And then, I didn't even try to explain that my usage of wtf is just for punctuation. I'm not actually cursing also what wtf. Well the bigass red WTF above is of course, cursing (=.=). Cos I knew that she won't get it. Of course she won't. So to save energy and time, I just went, "Yea noted"

Aih. I don't even know where to go with this. I can so imagine my dad going "you're a girl you know, bla bla bla"

Why ar? Why must people perpetuate these stereotypes, especially Asians?

I don't get it. I just wanna fucking face Stereotype in the face and rip it apart with my Wolverine claws wtf.

Or, maybe I should just change my sex wtf. Get rid of my boobs and get a fucking penis. By then when I go 'wtf' what would my parents say? "You're a guy wei, don't be so vulgar lah." WTF who do I have to screw around here to earn the right to curse then?? Har har you tell me???

GAHHHHH I'm starting to ramble.

Man, I don't even wanna know how would they react when they find out bout my tat.

Getting back to Tucker's speech, I may not know what I want in life exactly, but I do know this.

I wanna be able to get inked wherever I want without worrying about my parents' reaction can! Or whether it'll affect my future employment wtf? Fuck this shit. For that matter, I don't even wanna have a job that has any stigma towards tats.

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