Monday, December 03, 2007

OMG I Need to Get a Life + It's 4:12 am la What Do You Expect (Excuse wtf)

Phewwwwwwwwww!!! That was close! Managed to dodge Mr. 2nd option without a scratch! Man, someone needs to get laid! So cranky wtf.

See, it's times like these that I'm thankful my blog has zero readers thus making it really a private online journal. People thought that would be an oxymoron but no nooo.. I have proven them wrong. DEAD wrong. I have accomplished a feat like that. Hence, I am a genius wtf.

Times like these meaning times when I wanna blog but have no inkling what to blog about and start to ramble like there's no tomorrow wtf. Hey, I'm aware that I'm no Lim Su Ann ok. I can't just plop my ass somewhere and churn out great crap like she does. Ok la not great crap but really great stuff. Satisfied? What I can churn out however, is worthless, worse than crap strings of words? Aw come on... it's worse than that?

So what? It's my blog and I can do anything about it. I can fill it with all the stinking crap I want and nobody can do anything about it. Bwahahahaha... Unleash the terror!!! Wtf -_-.

Truth is I also wish I can write like her la, but I can't ma. My writing is like this ma... cannot meh? And I also wish my life's as interesting as hers la but what to do? I'm a boring old fart ma wtf.

Oh ya yours truly is heading to MCR's concert on 9th Dec!!! WOOT! Rock on bitch!!! ROCK ON!!! Will maybe blog about it if there's chance. Don't you envy me bitches wtf.

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