Monday, December 03, 2007

OMG I Need to Get a Life + It's 3:50 am la What Do You Expect (Excuse wtf)

Hey heyyyy I'm backkkkkkk!!!! wtf sounded like an annoying squeal.
So, anyway. I read other people's blogs. Made me wanna blog too.
But, moi have nothing interesting to blog about!
So what does one do? Er, post nude photos of one online I guess...

WTF. Seriously. You think I'd do that? (provoking response from non-existant crowd) One doesn't even HAVE nude photos of one!!! (If got also won't tell you la wtf)

Sigh. Do I blog about something profound... while listening to BEP's "Shut Up" and trying to bring my ass to complete le stupid assignment. None of that evokes anything profound in anyone la. Once again, yours truly is here to blog but have nada content. So she shamelessly asks dumb questions to fill in the space. Filler questions, you see. Fuestions. Ha. Ha. *shifty eyes*

When one is alone in the living room listening to BEP's "Mama" and is in an attempt to finish moi's nerve-wrecking assignment and er, blog at the same time, what should one blog about?
a) impart some useful knowledge at least once in awhile la bitch
b) for fuck's sake please stop blogging alogether and spare us from the agonyyyy
c) I'm here to remind you for the second time to STOP blogging la biatch... don't make me come back for a third time please.
d) I'm kind. I'm the 3rd option actually but Mr. 2nd option usurped me to give you a second warning so now I'm 4th option. I'll give you a chance to redeem yourself. Just blog about something coherent and worth reading at least. FAST. I don't like the look on Mr. 2nd option.

*post abruptly ended*

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