Sunday, December 09, 2007

So Excited I've Peed In Mah Pants Muahahahaha

Can you just FEEEEEL the excitement?????!!!!!

Omigosh!!!! My Chemical Romance!!!! Gerard Way!!!! You're so hot when you sing with exaggerated expressions!!!! The way you contort your face... the way you open your mouth... love it! Har har, seriously leh.. not making fun of you. I do find you kinda HOT, you know.

Mikey Way!!!! You look like your brother, so you're HOT too. HAHAHA. And also cos you play the bass guitar, which is totally cool. (I just simply say say one, actually I don't really know a thing about music) What would MCR do without you. Totally.

And ooooh!!! Frank Iero!!!! That way you flung your hair in the music video for 'I Don't Love You'... can I hear HOT, people? It had me besotted! I simply had to watch it again and again!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA...

Too bad that you're not gonna be in the concert, Frank. Sigh, gonna miss your hair flinging. Damn when can I see you do that in person? Sigh.


You heard me right. This biatch right here is going to the MCR concert today!!! Imma so excited!!! WOOT!

Don't envy me just cos I'm going... and you're NOT. Muahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Ray Toro!!!! LOVE your hair. Hoho. And you play the guitar really well (There I go again).
Bob Bryar!!! You're the drummer!!! Which makes you so very essential to the band!!! I'd say the most defining moments in a song are during the climax drumming sessions. Like when all the while the song's playing, there's just the background drumming, something like dum-dum-dum, but when it comes to the chorus part or what, there would be a really cool utterly gut-busting (School of Rock, hehe) DUDUM-DUM! BIDIBAMBUGUBANGA-BANG!!! Some more! These moments would have people (read: retards like me) trying to imitate the sounds!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! That sounded totally retarded! That's because I'm so freaking excited!!! (Excuse wtf. Actually it's due to my lousy writing skills. Muahahahaha...) But anyway you got my drift right???

Too bad you're not gonna be in the concert too, Bob. Heard you're nursing a wrist injury eh? Well nurse it FAST. And force the band to come back again for another concert just cos you missed it the first time. Muahahahahahaha.... And use the excuse of "because I wanna perform to the Malaysian audience *wet puppy eyes*"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously. I've gone crazy. Cuckoo.

Please please pleaseeeeee don't let it be a letdown. But then, this is my first ever concert. Nothing to compare it to right? Therefore nothing to worry about!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

*I apologize for the multiple exclamation marks and question marks, that's how hyper I am at the moment. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!*

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