Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hidden Love for Mother Nature wtf

Argh. Arghhhh. ARGHHHHHHHHH.
I don't wana do this stupid assignment la wtfffffff.

Recently I've been yearning to get in touch with Mother Nature, you know. To enjoy the scenery, the tall luscious green trees, soft oh-so-plush grass, fresh cooling air, bright sunlight that just beckons people to run outside and twirl around playfully. You get what I mean? Wishing my neighbourhood to become more like Wysteria Lane, i.e. so green and bright and sunny (though all sorts of dark, but interesting nevertheless, things happen there wtf)

And I wonder, why the sudden craving? Why the sudden urge? Hell if I know, maybe I've lost touch for too long or maybe it's what I absolutely need right now. Like how our bodies would make us crave for some food when we're deficient in its nutrient?

And talking about food. -_-. WHY THE HELL DO I ABUSE MYSELF BY OVEREATING WTF. The binge eating have all gone to my tummy, thighs and butt wtf. OMG the flab! Really cannot tahan lor. Blame it on PMS wtf. But it may be some other underlying issue. It's just how I deal with emotional issues I guess. I eat eat eat and EAT. And by GOD do I eat a lot of unhealthy crap. I eat a lot of bread, for example. Well bread's not unhealthy per se, but moderation is not in my dictionary wtf. I really do chow down on a hell lot of bread, resulting in an overdose of carbohydrate and refined sugar. End result = fat fat FAT!!! I swear I have so much stored fat in my body right now, I can compete with a whale T_T.

Thus, I have resolved to at least try to control my humanly-impossibly-ravenous (making me non-human T_T) appetite. No more supper. Not so much bread, please. More fruits? Most importantly, NO MORE SUPPER. *stomach groans*

Please lah, stomach... I wanna look slim and slender (don't forget to mention HOT) for Gerard Way, can? Muahahaha...

Sigh. No mood to do assignment lar. Go to sleep lagi bagus wtf.

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