Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bow to Ze Old Wise One wtf

Another day. Another post. Wow it's like I'm setting a record or something wtf.

You know what, there's a hell lot of stuff to do in this world. Well I'm not talking about changing the world and stuff. I'm not even talking about volunteerism. Or picking up the rubbish on the roadside. Ah what am I talking about.

What I meant was, there are a lot of things to fill our spare time with (mengisikan masa lapang wtf). BUT people (myself included, hehe) complain that there's nothing to do all the time. Whine whine whine. They exclaim "There's nothing to do around here!!!" and similar shit like that. Well genius, find something for yourself to do lah wtf. When there's a will, there's a way wtf.

I dunno, go learn some new skills or something. Go out for a picnic (har har. Ain't over my crave for a dose of Mother Nature). Go fly a kite. If you don't own a kite, make one. If there's no wind, well find other stuff to do that doesn't involve wind la wtf. Go hiking. Just take a stroll around the neighbourhood. Get out, for God's sake.

Ok if you really just want to stay indoors, start baking or something wtf. Crafting. Dancing in your underwear. Singing karaoke. Simple age old activity of reading. Among many other activities. Heck, even household chores can fill in your time what.

The reason why I didn't mention the usual indoor activities like watching TV, surfing the Net is cos probably there's nothing to watch anyway or you can't think of anything to Google about. Because that's probably the reason why people end up oh-so-bored anyway. Most people resort to these two activities when they having nothing else better to accomplish. Therefore, when the TV and Internet seems mind numbingly vapid and dull, people resign to their fate and vociferate "There's nothing to do around here!!!" or something to that effect.

But I digress. My whole point is, there's a whole lot to do in this world. Climb a tree or something. Go on an adventure! Be spontaneous! Get crazy! The world's your oyster! (wtf is this even used correctly) Get your butt off your bed (this actually refers to a friend) or pathetic chair and DO something about your boredom! Just because of the fact that there is so much that you can do.

(Wow, maybe I don't have a totally cynical and pessimistic outlook on life after all. Do I actually think that there's hope? *gasp* That... that there are beautiful things in life? *double gasp* That life's worth living sometimes??? *OMGGGG*)

And, did you notice that, a whole lot of pee-ple (enunciate that in a condescending way wtf) who claims that they're bored until-can-die consists of freaking teenagers???!!! It's like our genetic markup is programmed to make us feel bored every 5 minutes. That's when you hear the ever so popular phrase of "Hou sien arghhhhhhhhhh!!!" (translated to: very boring arghhhhhhhhhh!!!) Maybe it's the short attention span. We lose interest in things we're doing pretty fast. Or maybe it's cos most adults own cars and can drive to anywhere they want to jalan2 when they're bored, and children amuse themselves anyway so they rarely feel bored (or they just don't voice it out that much).

OR. Perhaps it is cos we are not proactive enough in spending our free time usefully/meaningfully. We dunno how to search for interesting stuff to do. All we pretty much know how to do is whine and bitch and moan about it.

Like when it's the holidays. Have you forgot how you were damn looking forward to it? Haven't you thought of the things that you'll be doing then? Weren't you just dying to get away from school / college?? BUT. When it's FINALLY here. When it's FINALLY blessing you with free time, you start feeling 'omg I'm like so fucking boreddd' 'All I do is eat and sleep!'

I mean, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?! Relish in the holiday spirit for God's sake! Do those things that you were dreaming of pre-holiday! Most importantly, appreciate your freaking hard earned holiday wtf cos it's gonna end just like that *snaps fingers*! And you'll be craving for another holiday that time when you're forced to study and finish ass crack assignments, and the vicious cycle continues wtf.

Wisdom of the day (wtf): Of all the things you should be doing during the holidays, feeling bored shouldn't be one of it (applies to studying too; and having assignments to complete wtf). And hell yeah I prefer a boring holiday over college ANYTIME.

I tell you ar! These people! Cis!!!

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