Monday, June 02, 2008


What do you think of commercials? Do you prefer them to be sentimental? Touching? Funny? Action-packed wtf?

Well I know what I DON'T want them to be. GROSS.

We're never gonna win an award for the funniest commercials. That title probably belongs to Thailand, The US of A or basically anywhere but here. But lemme tell you what we CAN win.

The title of the GROSSEST commercial. Or it's more of a Public Service Announcement, really.

Bah, whatever it is, it's plain out disgusting.

If you've been watching the tv, or more specifically TV2 I think, you would have came across this few-minutes-long PSA (or whatever) about taking care of our sewage system. Love the system, don't throw rubbish into the toilet bowls that sorta stuff.

Ring any bells yet?

Now can anyone seriously deny how gross that piece of PSA is?

When that lady slipped and fell upon the pool of festering shit juice, and her hands were covered with crap, did you not go "EWWW!!!!!!" ?

When you laid your poor eyes upon that toilet bowl filled to the brim with brown (like MILO) shit water, did you not exclaim "OMFG HOLY SCHMOLY WTF??!!" ?

AND when that lady was walking to the stall and unfortunately came across the lumpy, watery, throbbing pile of crap with a life of its own wtf, did you not go "WTF WHAT KIND OF SERIOUSLY DISTURBING AD IS THIS???" ?

And everything that came after that did not matter, cos those images were imprinted into your minds forever and ever. And it kept replaying and replaying... GAH!!!

So ladies and gentlemen, that's how we got to claim the highly UN-coveted, notorious title of grossest commercial (PSA, ad.. whatever la) ever in the history of mankind.

But you've gotta give it credit for being memorable, eh?

Although... to think that we actually need to be reminded by the media of how to take care of our sewage system?

That's just SAD, man.

So fucking sad.

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