Tuesday, June 03, 2008

This turned into such a freakin long post that nobody reads anyway lol

I can't believe it. I can't fuckin believe it.

The one day that I decide to actually wake up in the morning~ I'm freakin home alone. Boohoo... With zero driving skills and sense of direction, there's no possible way that I'm going anywhere. Le sigh.

So since I'm practically ensconced in mah home, I shall do what I do best here wtf. That is to fill mah blog with incessant crap.

You remember last time in primary school (seems like eons ago... GAWD i feel like an old hag) when we were required to fill in these stupid forms, we had to state our 3 ambitions? Well I shall say, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?

As if some innocent, wide-eyed, undeveloped kids would actually KNOW what they wanna be some 20 years later?? Heck, even at the age of seven-fucking-teen, I don't have a single clue! So how do you actually expect a midget who barely knows anything about the sucky world to freakin realize what is their fuckin cita-cita??


You know what I think? It's just one whole big brainwashing scheme for kids. Start when they're young and impressionable mah. Cos you remember what most of the kids filled in? Fucked up boring jobs like doctor (yi sheng), lawyer (lu shi), engineer (gong chen shi *shudder*), accountant (kuai ji shi right?), teacher / LAO SHI (omfg gullible GULLIBLE kids!)...

It's a conspiracy I tell you! To get kids to grow into people who only cares bout money and don't mind having soul-sucking, mind-numbing jobs! I mean, does that mean that all the other jobs were just crap? Worthless? What about music producers? DJs? Restaurant owners? And other shit? (The lao shi one was probably just to suck up to the teachers. Damn what a bunch of ass kissers)

Just look at those pathetic generic answers! What does that say huh?

That even when we were small, we were made to believe that only those jobs were respectable, acceptable and vegetable wtf. Even when we were small, our minds were drilled with that android conception that money is ALL that matters.

Sad to say, I was a victim of that ruthless brainwashing too. Admit it, we all were. Once I filled in "nurse" actually, but my teacher convinced me to change it to "doctor", cos you know, nurses have to clean bed pans and stuff wtf.

You see??!! Propaganda!!! (Shall forgive her cos I actually liked her lol)

What I think was the most honest, true to oneself ambition was...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...



Wtf that was a lil over dramatic eh. Really, isn't that the most practical, down-to-earth ambition ever? I salute the guy for being clear with what he wanted to be, even at the vulnerable age of perhaps... 11? And to think that we were actually surprised that someone would fill in that. We secretly sniggered at the person who aspired to be a "lowly" hawker...

But now, don't we ALL wanna be hawkers? They make a whole lotta moolah, no office politics, they don't have to dress up for work, only have to know how to cook a signature dish or two and they can live a comfortable life! Holy mama! *Respect!*

Wow I was getting way worked up over this issue wtf.

So people, if (God forbid) you have kids in the future, puh-leeeze don't let them be brainwashed. Stop all these accountant, lawyer, doctor crap. Let those stupid forms be more interesting eh? Stripper, Dancer, Vet, Phone Operator wtf... anything but the usual boring crap.

So when you're called in the teacher's office to discuss this "problem" about your kid, you shall be so proud that he/she didn't succumb to the pressures of society. He/she stood their ground and dengan bangganya, wrote "Pole dancer".

Now isn't that the most heart warming thing ever.

You shall be so proud.

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