Thursday, June 05, 2008

Update #18238972839

Another day I decided to wake up in the morning, my uncle was here. So I stayed in my room and started to read a book. And fell asleep. GAWD.

Now I feel groggier than ever.


Why I didn't wanna go down was to avoid any conversation whatsoever with my uncle. I dread those obligatory small talk about studies. College. How's it going and all that shiznit. I fear it. So I run from it wtf. It's so painful. Agonizing. I'm thinking in choppy sentences here so forgive me.


All of the above was written yesterday.

So anyway, I just had to chance upon some site called, and FFS I just had to get addicted to this game called Fashion Solitaire. T.T

I'm a sucker for these kind of stuff I know.

I woke up, in the afternoon, ate my lunch, and started playing. Almost non-stop. 40 plus rounds. 46? 47? Somewhere there. Now my eyes are like two useless piece of shit cos they almost lost all function due to lack of blinking wtf.

I just can't help it! It's like being in a trance, always clicking the evil 'Continue' button even though you feel your already mushy brain is turning into well, slosh.

Good thing is it's some way to pass the time, albeit a stupid way wtf.

Imma continue playing wtf. Just kill me, this useless piece of meat. Lol.

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