Sunday, June 15, 2008

To My Beloved Hehehe

This is a very special post! Cos it's not about me, or other lame crap, it's actually a dedication to someone spesel! Lol.

Who is this post dedicated to, you ask? Jeng jeng jeng!!!! (lame dao)... She's my beloved wife eh wtf!

So today's my beloved's birthday, the day when she popped out of her mother's womb and made life on Earth more awesome with her mere presence wtf. (People's bday ma, of course must sweet talk a bit lah wtf...)

Let me tell you more about this spesel person. Before we knew each other, I noticed her during orientation week, cos ya know, she looked yeng (HAHAHA) and NOT Chinese! I thought she was Malay or what due to her *cough* hitam manis *cough* skin colour. Mana tahu she's 100% Chinese la wtf. I'm not to be blamed lah, I wasn't the only one who thought that way kan? Hehe, she has a cool exterior, but BUT! Do not be deceived! She's actually super duper 38 / cheap / jip / murah! A fine example of do not judge a book by its cover man. Sumore always try to act posh, but actually she's cheap till dunno how one. LOL. Thanks to her influence, I also became cheap already. WTF man. Bad influence lor can!

DESPITE her unbelievable cheapness, hahaha I love my wife for who she is :)... She may look hardcore and try to act posh, but inside she's really a sensitive, kind, thoughtful, sweet, caring (insert positive trait lol) girl. A fun person to be with. When she was absent from classes due to sickness, we all missed her hahaha... partly cos the class would be so quiet without her la wtf. (Cos she's damn bising lidat wtf hahaha)

I'm very glad to have known such an awesome babe! Although we've only known each other for less than one year, I feel that we've been best friends for a long long time! Right right babe? Lol, damn cliche wtf... Damn, I really hope that we all can go to the same university lor! Wouldn't it be great if we did??

And! I tell you she has the coolest hair styles everrr.. lol. Her current one is her coolest yet me thinks! Really like it la babe. Wanna kidnap your hair stylist. But then also no use cos my hair damn lembik like that wtf. T_T.

Anywayyy, moving on... obviously lah this post is to wish her a
VERY VERY VERY HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Babe you're officially of legal age already! Although you already look old mature, NOW you can finally proclaim that you ARE old mature! Hope all your wishes come true and all that lah!

Hope you have a great birthday ya! Did you enjoy your 2nd clubbing experience? Lol. Tell me all the juicy detailsss!!!!! Mwahahahaha...

Lastly, apart from the card that I made for you with all mah lurve, you get a BIG FAT WET KISS from meeee!!!!! *MUACKSSSSS!!!*

Love you loads!

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Ji Yan said...

JIER i don't want ur wet kiss lor can! Hahahahaha...

Thanks darling. SIGH damn gan dong lor can!? hhahahahaa..

love you babe! Muax muax muaxxx!!