Saturday, June 28, 2008

Him ; She

It was late night.

She got into the car. Looking sweet in a white ruffled halter dress. His expression didn't change, as nonchalant as ever.

"Hey." She smiled at him.

"Yea." He uttered lazily, leaving behind a slight drawl. He had one hand on the wheel, and looked straight ahead on the road. She couldn't keep her eyes off him, as she simply couldn't resist the sight of him driving. There was just something about the juxtaposition of his concentration and recklessness that drives her to watch.

"So... where to?" "You'll see." He answered in his usual laconic manner. Her curiosity wasn't satisfied, but that wasn't unexpected.

On the road, they only had the radio to provide some background music. He lowered the volume before she came in, because he knew she didn't really favour it loud. As usual, she looked out the window after watching him driving for awhile. They have managed to achieve comfortable silences in their times spent together.

So, neither of them spoke. They just needed to be in the presence of each other. To be cognizant of the existence of the other.

She wondered sometimes how people would think when they see them walking together. The girl was always prim and proper, the one people would expect to be a valedictorian. Some would call her kiasu, others nerd. All will agree on straight As student. While the guy, he has this permanent cynical expression on his face. He didn't care much bout his appearance. Not that he needed to, he exuded style no matter what. Shorts, a grey shirt, ear studs, silver ring, flip flops and he's good to go. Oh and don't forget a couple of tattoos on his arms. One simply asked people to "Fuck Off". Some would call him slacker, others badass, all reckon that he should be avoided.

They seemed to be an odd couple. Not that they were a couple, heck none of them could tell you what relationship they're having even if you asked. They just were.

Comfortable with each other. Slowly discovering things bout each other's world that they wouldn't have known had they not met before.

In unusual circumstances they met and got to know each other. Then they grew accustomed to each other. She, waiting for his arrival in his car; he, tuning down the radio before she sat in.

"Almost there."



Malaria Max said...

tis' a nice story. Did u write it?

bullshit said...

Like, DUHHH!!! LOL. Glad you like it haha...