Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Library Moments

The reason why I'm blogging at the library is, I've resolved to NOT on my laptop for the rest of the week! My determination is as hard as steel wtf.. yeah right.

So anyway! More wisdom!

The art of feigning interest when you really don't give two fucks!

Lecturer: ... blablabla... Are you guys ok?
You: *nod thoughtfully* *paste that expression on your face as if you've just discovered the path to nirvana*

If you're sorta like me, and have spent a fair amount of time thinking about life and all that shit, let me tell you something.


It's not worth it, and definitely won't lead you to any epiphany. It's just a waste of time, cos deep down we all already know the truth of life and its not so mysterious mysteries.

That is...

LIFE SUCKS. Live with it.

Yeah, it really is as simple as that. That's reality. Stop trying to figure out if there's a way around that.

This is more like talking to myself la wtf.

There won't be any updates for some time (I hope).

K bye.

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