Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yearning for Hair Free-ness and More Randomness


Wa I also want lor can???? Damn ma fan lor those unwanted hair at unwanted places! Dunno what's their purpose also. Reduce friction my ass lah. We can function perfectly well without them what!

More random snippets.

She sat on her living room couch. Inhaling deeply, she stared out of the window. At the moving shadows. The trees. The engulfing darkness. The silence.

The light wasn't even on, as she didn't feel that it would make any difference. All she needed was to imagine that she was in a room brightly lit by the sunlight. It was pristine. The breeze that blew in from the outside smelled like summer. It caressed her hair ever so lightly. Outside, the trees were not malicious, but extremely benevolent. Outside, it was so... welcoming.

Despite the scene in her mind, she was still in her living room. Surrounded by nothing but silence.

She slumped.

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