Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hello People

Since I don't want the previous depressing post to be the first post anyone sees when they stumble into here, I shall update. Pfft.

I am now feeling better, FYI. Thanks to lame jokes and a mildly disturbing movie I guess. Lol.

But now I'm feeling guilty cos I practically whiled my weekend away instead of putting it to good use. Le sigh. Is it really supposed to be that way? The feeling of guilt to emerge whenever one is idle?

And now am I making up for the lost precious hours spent moping? Nopeee... obviously here I am online and blogging wtf.

I should be studying! Revising! Religiously completing exercises! Poring over books instead of my laptop! RIGHT???

I wasted 3 days! 3 DAYS FFS!

K I'm starting to sound really kiasu, but what to do? I'm forced to adopt this kiasu attitude nowadays. So I have to force myself to study lor. Force force force! Must continue forcing till the year ends!

Crazy already. Stoopid. -_-.

p/s: Seeeee!!!! I got update my blog! Instead of a certain someone named A_ _ _ n! Cis! Hehehe...

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