Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Keep Holding On WTF

There's nothing much to say. Or rather, there are no words to say. To express.

Technically, around 5 more months to go, right? It'll end soon right? Right?

After that, what? The same cycle repeating itself? What's the whole fucking point of it all.

Sigh dunno lah. Really dunno what to say lah. Dreading going home and facing them. Ya lah I'm definitely in the teenagers stage la wtf. (Recall Egg Shell Lollipop text production lesson WTF)

Tahan xia qu~~~ Chang lok huiiii~~~

Can't really be bothered to use proper English. Or even try to be articulate. That's basically how my mind speaks anyway. Damn rojak one wtf.

WTF Duffy's "Mercy" is playing right now and damn, it's annoying. No matter how many times I listen to it, me still not really likey wtf.


Malaria Max said...

HoooHA ! +D

bullshit said...

LOL! You just came cos i asked you whether you read my blog! haha!

Ji Yan said...

babe support u forever!!!
Chang lok hui!!
and wait to see me on monday!!