Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More self amusement

Despite the thunder thighs and cellu-freakin-lite, I think I'm still a child at heart.

Cos you know why? When there's nothing to do, I resort to self amusement. In mah blog. Yesh, I'm that pathetic. Children resort to self amusement all the time. How many times have you seen a kiddo laugh his head off due to some reason that you simply can't comprehend? Somehow our ability to amuse ourselves have diminished over time. Ain't that a pity. Nobody will feel bored if those abilities develop with age.

But I digress.

You know how people always come up with stuff like "Things to do before I die"? Now ain't that total bullcrap. Those are just wishful thinking, and they are fully aware of it. Cos logically speaking, who can have Jessica Alba's body and get to indulge in all types of cuisines around the world? Impossible right? So don't you just feel like slapping these people to their senses.

But anywayyy, since well I have nothing better to do, I came up with my own to-do list before my last breath. In no apparent order.

Behold! My most "impressive", "awe-inspiring"...

1. Bungee jump

2. Have sex Make love wtf

3. Travel around the world (So typical pffft)

4. Be a ROCK STAR wtf (Seriously. lol)

5. Tell people who deserve it to just shove all their crap back up their ass

6. Start my own foundation named "Education is Overrated". Simply cos education is often overrated. Yeah. I'll teach children (future tunggak negara wtf) the real skills required to survive this harsh, harsh world. How to pluck your eyebrows, how to cut your nails, how to kiss major ass and all the shiznit, ya know?

7. Get invited to guest star in a series like Desperate Housewives, or Ugly Betty, then the producers get so impressed by my performance they ask me to replace one of the main cast. With a superb high fee. Oh yeah.

8. If I can't be a rock star, Imma marry one wtf

That's all I can think of so far in my bloated state wtf. I swear I've accumulated so much crap in mah intestines they're gonna blow anytime. Ok that's gross wtf.

Sigh I love my blog. As crude and distasteful and dumbass as it may be, it reflects just how crude, distasteful and dumbass I can be.

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